About Us


  • To improve the health and outcomes in patients with Arrhythmias
  • Provide the world-class treatment and highest quality of care to the local community


To be a leading Cardiac Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Centre in Australia and internationally Values

  • Excellence: Achieving outstanding outcomes in clinical care and excellence in research
  • Effective communication: Addressing patients’ needs and concerns and ensuring the  benefits of available medical care are widely understood
  • Dedication: Prioritising patients’ needs and providing dedicated care by empowering  patients to participate in the decision making. 
  • Collaboration and Community engagement: We value operating at community level, hence CHRC brings an innovative approach of collaboration with various stakeholders at local, national and international level to achieve excellence in delivery of medical care.
  • Integrity: Implementing honest interactions and ethical conduct of research


The centre is established in 2019 by Dr Rajeev Pathak with the vision of providing quality and specialised care to patients with heart rhythm disorders.
This is the first clinic in Canberra to specialise in Cardiac Electrophysiology, a subspecialty in Cardiology.