Canberra Heart Rhythm Centre

Medical Director

A/Prof Pathak holds the position of Medical Director and is head of Canberra Heart Rhythm. He is the lead cardiologist at the centre. He wears several hats ( very busy clinician, an academic scientist, and Medical Director at Canberra Heart Rhythm). Dr Pathak’s vision and passion has made Canberra Heart Rhythm a well-known centre where clinical excellence meets the personalised delivery of patient care. After leading the commencement of Electrophysiology services in ACT health, he is now bringing the world class care at Canberra Heart Rhythm, a centre which now welcomes international and interstate patients. Canberra Heart Rhythm Centre under his leadership, collaborates actively with community, industries, Universities and hospitals to improve the outcomes of patients with cardiovascular diseases. He loves spending time with his wife, Manina and daughter, Rhea, in his free time.

Executive Director

Dr Manina Pathak is the Executive Director of Canberra Heart Rhythm and has been instrumental in running the clinic at the forefront. She has been heavily involved in setting up the centre . She is a paediatrician and proud partner of Canberra Heart Rhythm. She supervises the clinic and helps with executing the complex administration of the centre.  She understands the passion of her partner and has taken this role to execute his vision into reality . She is a busy clinician who equally likes business administration. She loves to spend time with her family in her free time

Executive Assistant / Medical Receptionist

Lukah joined Canberra Heart Rhythm in February 2020 to further her knowledge about medical administration. She is passionate about ensuring patient satisfaction and wellbeing within the clinic. She enjoys working within the friendly environment, where she is involved in administration duties and management of the company’s social media platforms. Lukah looks forward to studying a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science in the coming year.

Medical Receptionist

Breanna joined Canberra Heart Rhythm in June 2020 to expand her knowledge and gain new skills in medical administration. Breanna’s goal is to make sure patients feel welcomed from the moment they walk in by providing excellent care and attention to detail. Breanna seeks to make sure every patient has a more than satisfactory experience at CHRC and assisting to ensure that all clinics run smoothly. Breanna enjoys being active and social in her personal life as well as cooking.

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Clinical Research Coordinator / Medical Receptionist

Micah moved to Canberra from Darwin at the start of 2019 to study Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science in University of Canberra. She joined Canberra Heart Rhythm on the same year as a Medical Receptionist and aspires to undertake postgraduate medicine after she graduates. Micah is an efficient member of the team and ensures that patients can communicate their concerns and requests to A/Prof. Rajeev Pathak. She assists in preparing the clinic and strives for it to run smoothly for the satisfaction of the team and the patients. Micah enjoys going to the gym and playing the guitar at her church.

Accountant / Administrative Assistant

Janu  is an Accountant and Administrative Assistant at the Canberra Heart Rhythm Centre. She started in August and focuses on Bookkeeping and Administration Duties. This includes bank reconciliation, payroll and liaising with Medicare and DVA, Healthtrack, checking patients bookings, daily balances and rosters. Janu has come from doing her Inter C.A in India and now she is pursuing her CPA finals in Australia. She enjoys the friendly environment and hopes to expand her knowledge and skills within the practice. Outside of work Janu enjoys spending time with her family and friends with the odd night out and cooking new dishes.

Research Assistant / Administrative Assistant

Olga jointed the team of Canberra Heart Rhythm in June 2020. She is focused on the research and administrative support for the clinical trials run by the Centre and participates in day-to-day clinic preparation. Olga has moved to live in Australia in 2017. Having a solid background in journalism, Olga has now switched to the investigations in medical science, pursuing her long term interest in the work of a human heart. Olga studies towards her degree in Nursing at the University of Canberra and plans to proceed to postgraduate courses in cardiology and neonatal nursing. Olga is interested in politics and Chinese culture, she enjoys traveling and exploring Australia together with her family.

Medical Receptionist 

Sophie was a practising Exercise Physiologist who returned to Canberra from Rural Queensland in 2019 to pursue a career change. She has recently joined Canberra Heart Rhythm and is keen to find a new career path that will allow her to utilise her knowledge and experience while giving her a new challenge. She aims to provide an excellent patient experience and be of assistance in the clinic when she can. She enjoys art, reading and outdoor activities such as running. 

Medical Receptionist

Amanda had been with Canberra Heart Rhythm since the practice had opened in July 2019, she had helped the reception team when needed as she works full time as Dr Manina Pathak's Executive Assistant and Medical Receptionist at Canberra Development Clinic. With 20+ years of administrative experience, she assists the accountant and other staff by managing administrative and system duties which are essential in a busy and growing practice. Amanda loves challenging herself with puzzles, gardening and occassionally, a glass of wine.