Prof Rajeev Pathak

Medical Director

Prof Pathak holds the position of Medical Director and is head of Canberra Heart Rhythm. He is the lead cardiologist at the centre. He wears several hats ( very busy clinician, an academic scientist, and Medical Director at Canberra Heart Rhythm). Dr Pathak’s vision and passion has made Canberra Heart Rhythm a well-known centre where clinical excellence meets the personalised delivery of patient care. After leading the commencement of Electrophysiology services in ACT health, he is now bringing the world class care at Canberra Heart Rhythm, a centre which now welcomes international and interstate patients. Canberra Heart Rhythm Centre under his leadership, collaborates actively with community, industries, Universities and hospitals to improve the outcomes of patients with cardiovascular diseases. He loves spending time with his wife, Manina and daughter, Rhea, in his free time.