Caitlin Lazdovskis

Clinical Scientist and Home Monitoring Specialist

Caitlin joined the Canberra Heart Rhythm team in January 2020 as a Cardiac Scientist after completing her Bachelor's degree in Medical Science. She went straight into the scientific field following a placement opportunity that portrayed the ever-advancing developments in cardiac science and arrhythmia management, allowing her to develop newfound knowledge and pursue a career in implanted devices and electrophysiology, with a goal in assisting Dr Pathak with his device implants, arrhythmia stimulation and ablation procedures. Caitlin intends to obtain her IBHRE certification for implanted cardiac monitors, pacemakers, and defibrillators whilst maintaining a relationship with her patients regarding symptoms and device function as a Home Monitoring specialist. When she is not kept busy at the clinic, she can be found outdoors with her husband and their dogs, or entertaining other passions such as cars and driving.