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CARTO V7 lands first in Australia at the a good taste of its new functionality- PARALLEL mapping, HYBRID maps, COHERENT maps to name a few & of course the extremely useful CARTOSOUND. It was a busy week...the flutter pt was in incessant tachy with LV dysfunction..and then the 2 VT storms. Parallel mapping was really useful in that ARVD case. 4 different VT mapped, simultaneous mapping was useful.


Dr Ashlea Broomfield of Australian Prescriber interviews A/Prof. Rajeev Pathak about the latest approach for managing this common arrhythmia.


"There are two subsets of patients in our community we see. They are patients with no risk factors. They are lean with no risk factors. They have atrial fibrillation.

Those patients, if we manage their atrial fibrillation with rhythm control strategies and if it's unsuccessful doing catheter ablation, the results are fantastic, up to 90% success for arrhythmia-free survival." - A/Prof. Rajeev Pathak 


To find out more about screening methods, assessment of cardiac risk factors and the use of holistic medicine and gender equality in AF management, please click here.

To read the original Atrial Fibrillation: An Update on Management, please click here.



Dear Patients,

This is to inform you that we are continuing with our cardiac care and appointments.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, please seek medical attention if you have a cough, sore throat, or other respiratory problems:

  • Within 14 days of travel
  • Following contact with someone with COVID-19

Please reschedule appointment at Canberra Heart Rhythm if you have any of the above.

This is to protect our staff and other patients from contracting the virus.

To reduce the need of coming into the practice for appointments, A/Prof. Pathak is offering Phone Consultations and Teleconference appointments for patients in need of immediate service if you are self-isolating or are sick or are at high risk for COVID-19 or from coast.

In the meantime, for all other patients attending in for appointments:

  • Please ensure that you only bring ONE designated support person with you if you NEED to.
  • Please do not bring extra friends + family to reduce number of people in the practice
  • Please maintain proper handwashing and sanitise upon walking into the clinic
  • Please do not lean on surfaces
  • Please sit within the social distancing parameters from the other patients inside the practice
  • Please do not arrive to your appointment early to reduce the crowd inside

If you are self-isolating or sick and need to re-schedule your appointment or book a teleconference/ telephone appointment, please contact us on: (02) 5100 8302.

If you need assistance or suspect yourself to have COVID-19, please contact Health Direct on:

1800 022 222 or your GP.

For all other emergencies, please call 000.


We thank you for your understanding.






As a part of the Heart Rhythm Council COVID-19 Pandemic working group, A/Prof. Rajeev Pathak is a contributing author to the most recent statement regarding cardiac implantable devices. Please read the following document for more information about procedural considerations, patient monitoring and arrhythmic implications due to COVID-19.

Please click here for more information

Leonie Ainsworth - A wonderful achievement by Graeme & my lifesaving cardiologist, Rajeev Pathak, and his colleague, set to save and improve the lives of many more Australians. Thank you and congratulations Rajeev Pathak and Muayad Alasady.